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Difference between the way they go backstage…


Sehun’s style: “I am done, let me down there peasant.”


Kyungsoo’s style: “I need to get back down there. Hey! Hey!!!”


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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with the SM Artists

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140825 Palais de Chine Hotel | 台灣capa的k-Pop世界
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Zhoumi once said: "When I first got to know Sungmin hyung, I thought that he must be really young, and so very caring/kind, like a little brother. He was easy to be with, so I didn't speak to him using formalities. It was until SJ-M was about to debut, once I heard that Siwon calling Sungmin 'hyung', I was so shocked and asked 'Sungmin is a hyung?!'. Siwon stared at me and said 'Of course, what did you think?'. Immediately I went over to Sungmin said 'hyung I'm so sorry! I have been speaking to you so informally for the past year!!'. Sungmin hyung smiled and said it was fine! n__n
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in the jungle

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Couple of the Year

Couple of the Year

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140823 Mahakarya RCTI - Donghae apologized to audiences for mistakingly saying Malaysia instead of Indonesia when he did his greeting. He was really sorry because he was nervous (and he gripped his mic really tight ;;) hence the slip. Donghae bowed down also and after that Hyuk said something for Hae, “there are also Malaysian fans here. So Indonesia and Malaysia fans please watch us together”. After Hyuk said that Donghae seemed relieved and so grateful that he was able to smile again :’D♥
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